Thursday, November 29, 2007

Culinary School - Week One

Day One - Overview of what to wear, what not to wear. No jewelery except a plain wedding band (only exception is a medic alert necklace that can be tucked under your shirt. I put my wedding ring on it also.) We will receive one uniform before we break for Christmas and the other our last week of Mod One. Our knife kit and towels will be handed out the first week of Mod Two.

The first Module is Concepts of the Culinary Industry. Supervising and Leadership, Kitchen Math, CPR, ServSafe, and Interviewing chefs from different aspects of the food industry are all things we will cover in the first mod. Each Mod is 5 weeks. The Culinary Arts Specialist is 7 months long. The Culinary Arts Professional, the program I am taking, is 15 months total. The last 8 months are covering specific types of cuisine with the last mod being an externship.

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