Friday, November 9, 2007

Good Old Sacramento

I am in Sacramento visiting my niece, LusciousChica for the weekend. Sacramento may not seem like a big deal to y'all but it has some definite sentiment for me.

I grew up here in the good ole 60's and 70's. Lived in a nice little yellow house with white trim. My best friends lived two houses down and across the street from me. Brenda and Kim. Tomorrow I am going to drive to the old neighborhood, maybe take a couple pictures for my walk down memory lane.

Go visit a few touristy things, run some errands wih LusciousChica, play Scrabble, maybe a couple other games. Maybe meet some of her friends. Just hanging until my DH flies in Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures to tide you over. The dog is Olive, a doggy friend of LC's. The ships, well just looked cool as I was driving over a bridge. The lantern looked cool, also.


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Capcom said...

Hello fellow Sacramentoan! I grew up in Rancho Cordova, from 1960 to '71. Would love to see it again.

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