Saturday, November 3, 2007

One Person's Success is Another's Excuse or....

it's all in our perspective.

We all make choices. That's how we learn ~ our mistakes and experiences conspire to teach us a lesson. Hopefully, if we are open to it, we see/find/act on what we need to learn. Every person defines these lessons for themselves. For some it might be as simple as failing a test or getting a bad review at work. Others might need more drastic spankings like a divorce, or loss of a job. For some the lesson never comes.

I am learning a lesson in perseverance right now. How to stick with/to something even when it gets difficult or life throws a curveball. Curveballs typically make me freeze up. Knowing my propensity for freezing up, I am 'reliving' some of those more infamous moments and analyzing them. Hoping that on the other end I will find some solutions, alternatives to running when things get difficult.

Hmmm, more deep thought later.

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