Friday, November 9, 2007

Safety Is as Safety Does

On her blog, Stepping asked, "What makes you feel safe?" It started me thinking about a few incidents in my life. A purse-snatching, a robbery at gunpoint, those were actual events that made me change the way I do things. I latch my purse into the grocery cart with the child safety belt or put it in the bottom of the cart covered by other items. I do my best to stay aware of my surroundings due to the robbery. Funny thing is...every other safety 'check' I do is because of what happens to others. Multiple friends being raped, houses being broken into, robbed and vandalized, general apathy of the 'criminal' element not caring about anyone else's safety.

It occurs to me that when I feel the safest my guard is down. So, doesn't that defeat the purpose of acting in a safe manner? Unsafe safeness? A conundrum, to be sure! Hmmm, too existentialist for my own good...

Wrapping my self in a cocoon so no one can get to me and I can be truly safe...but then there no in between?

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Denna said...

You write very well.

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